As a result of the measures taken by the principal, Metropolitan Grammar School,Obosi, become calm and conducive for the junior students. the social and extracurricular activities which were dropped when the senior students were bullying the junior ones resumed.
The Principal, taking cognizance of he fact that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop,made sure that all the activities were revived in the school.
The students started having cross country races fortnightly on Saturdays. Clubs and societies like the Drama club, Boy Scouts, Press club,Speech and Debating society, Man O’ war, Drug free club etc were either revived or formed. sports and games and social gatherings were organized.
udoh, Uchenna and Daniel will never forget the first social gathering they attended. On that Saturday, immediately it was 4:30pm, the students gathered beside moshood abiola House.
the floor was opened by Onyekachi Nwosu JSS3 student. “who can tell me the full meaning of wife” Onyekachi asked. silence reigned as the student racked their brains for the answer.
“Well, it means “Worries increased for Ever”,” Onyekachi said when no one could answer the question. laughter and a big applause followed Onyekachi”s exit. “What building has the most stories?” asked Boma Olumose.
“Skyscraper” answered Ben Onwumere. “No Boma said. “Empire state building” volunteered Kanayo Kalu. “No”, Boma said and all the student kept silent waiting for Boma to supply the answer.
“Well, the answer is library,” Boma supplied the answer. “Bomason brouhaha:” the student hailed as Boma took his exit. He was a senior student and only senior student enjoyed the privilege of having nicknames. Daniel remembered a riddle he had read somewhere. he put up his hand and the social prefect asked him to come out. There was silence when Daniel came out because JSS1 student usually felt too shy and timid to cone out and talk. “if you drop a yellow hat in the red sea, what does it become?” “orange hat”, Chidubem Eze answred. “NO,” Daniel replied. “Yellow Ochre”, Charles Obidi said. “No”. “Reddish yellow”, replied sola abiola. “No…..well the answer is wet”, Daniel said. A thunderous applause followed his exit. “What is so frgile that even saying its name can break it?” Chinedu Nwankwo came out and asked. “Egg no…..bubble”,Kandy Ezeani answered. “no,no and no.” “well eehm,e-e-eh…”Frank Nwosu began and the student greeted him with boos and hisses so he sat down. “The answer is silence.” A loud ovation was given to chinedu.
“What is in the middle of Paris?” Wilson Briggs asked. “Wine and perfume industries,” Kenneth Odia answered. “No”. “The answer is r,”Wilson said after some minutes ” silence. “There were five birds on a tree, a hunter shot one, how many remained?” Tony Amuta asked “Four of course, “Roy Muoka said. “No”. “It should be four”, Roy and friends shouted The social prefect had to call them to order. “Well, the answer is none because none of the birds will be left on the tree after the gunshot.” “yes. Oh yes oooh,”many student said a comprehension dawned on them. “What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps and has a bed but never sleeps?” Afam Udo asked.
Silence reigned as none of the students could come up with an answer. “The answer is river,” Afam said and the students clapped loudly for him. “Now it’s time for jokes, so if you have a rib cracking joke come out and render it is said that laughter is the best medicine”, the social prefect announced. Okwuchi Okonta was the first to come out. “There was one penniless and jobless young man who went to the city in search of a job. After a fruitless search one day, the worms in his stomach were about to start a third world war when he saw a restaurant with the signboard ‘OUR LORD’S RESTAURANT’.
“He quickly went in and ordered a heavy and sumptuous meal. After eating, he was about to go without paying but the woman who owned the restaurant held him by his shirt and shouted: “Thief!!! You must pay me for the food. “Pay you? When this is the Lord’s Restaurant?” the man asked feigning surprise. The woman tore his shirt, poured oily water on him and hurled abuses at him. He was finally allowed to go after some time.
The young man went away happy because at least he had food in his stomach”. The student laughed loudly and clapped for Okwuchi. “One boy called Eze usually ate with his father. He noticed that his father always had the bigger piece of meat near him and he ate it. One day as they were eating,the boy decided to play a trick on his father. “Father, our geography master taught us that the earth rotates”, the boy said and demonstrated it by turning the plate. The bigger piece of meat came to his side and he was very happy. However, he rejoiced too soon for after some time his father said: “I the earth still rotates like this”. He demonstrated the rotation by turning the plate and the bigger piece of meat came back to his side. Eze wore long face but his father chuckled and said to himself.

“If a cunning man dies, a cunning man will bury him. ” A student called Somto Abadorn rendered the joke. The student laughed until some of them nearly fell off their seats. Kanayo Chikelu came out to give another joke “There was once a governor in Eastern Nigeria. He came out and told his people; ‘I will fire and water the town’ instead of promising to provide electricity and pipe-borne water. Some people who feared for their safety quickly relocated to other cities. Then there was this governor in one of the Northern States who was asked by journalist to name the mineral resources in his state and he replied, “There is Fanta, Coke, Bramah cola….. .” Before Somto could finish the joke, the students burst into loud and uproarious laughter.

“My fellow students, illiteracy can be very bad. One old woman was sick and was told to bring her stool for laboratory tests. ‘Do you know what she did?” Steve Wonodi asked dramatically. “Nooooooo, ” the student chorused. “Well, she took her kitchen stool to the hospital.” There was a loud and prolonged laughter.”With this we come to the end of riddles and jokes, the next item on our agenda is Current Affairs,” the social Prefect announced. “The first secondary school in Nigeria is……. ” Udoh came out and asked.

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