“what! Why do you serve me this miserly and miserable quantity of food?” Uche bellowed in a voice that spelt danger.
“se-ni-or I——I—-I–” the serving boys faltered.
“I’II teach you not to do so next time”, Uche growled. In a flash, he took the basin of rice from the table and walked off.
Not even a single grain of rice entered Udoh’s plate.
As junior student were still reeling from the shock of the unruly behavior of the of the senior students they had another shocker.
One Saturday, they were told to wait behind after supper.Immediately after supper , all the junior students, both those that got food and all that didn’t get waited behind at the refractory. they chatted excitedly among themselves. The jss2 and jss3 students who knew what awaited them were somehow subdue and talked in low and hushed tunes.
soon, all all the prefects came in wield long canes that made them looked like masquerades. An uneasy silence descended on the junior students. “jss2 and jss3 students seperate yourselves from the freshers,” the senior prefect ordered in a voice that brooked no disobedience.The tail-cutting of the jss1 students and the cutting of the wings of jss2 and jss3 students was about to start.
“Now jss1 students, do you know that your names are written with pencils not biro in this school?”
The Senior Prefect asked as he paced to and fro and survey the way an army general would suevey the men under him. The only difference was that the student were not standing but lying flat on the wet and dirty dining hall floor.
“yes, prefect,” the students chorused
“you know that you are freshers…. toads so to say. there is, therefore, the need to cut your tails and baptize you, thereby giving you the right to become bonafide students of our great school and prestigious school”. Most of the students did not understand what the Senior Prefect meant. He handed over the rest of the ceremony to the Social Prefect and went to the place where the jss2 and jss3 students were lying flat on the dining hall floor.
The jss1 students were told to get up and squat like toads. Then they were told to hold there ears, frog jump and sing thus:
I am a toad, a fresher, a toad
I am a toad. a fresher, a toad
Anything i am asked to do, i must obey
After some minutes, the Social Prefect stopped them for the baptism. Each student was required to frog jump to the Social Prefect who stood holding a bucket of water with stale beans. He will pour the water on the student’s head and intone.
“I baptize you in the name of the principal, vice principal, teachers and students . You are now conferred with right to become a binafide member of this great and prestigious school.”
The water stank and many student winced and grimaced when it was poured on them. The prefects and senior students laughed uproariously but the junior students did not find it funny one bit. Most of them gritted their teeth and merely endured the ordeal.
For the jss2 and jss3 students, their baptism of fire consisted mainly of being asked to roll from one end of the dining hall to the
other. Those who refused to do so were severely flogged. Also, those who were adjusted stubborn, rude and recalcitrant were given the thrashing of their lives.

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