“Ha, remember how we used to dream in those days. Who could believe that we will come here to be deprived of food and the provisions our parents gave us?” Udoh said and shook his head sadly. “hm, so they have done the same thing to you? Do you know that the other day, one SSS2 student called me and told me to turn the big,white tumbler he gave me to brown colour? i did not understand what he meant until some jss3 student enlightened me. i dutifully put a tablespoon of milk and bourvita in his cup but the senior boy was not satisfied”, Daniel narrated.
” What did he do?” udoh asked him. He gave me a hard knock on the head and i saw stars. He told me to turn back. It was only when i had added five heaped tablespoons of milk and bournvita that he felt satisfied enough to take the tumbler from me,” Daniel replied.
“I had a similar experience but was spared the knock because a jss2 student told me to make the tea very thick for the senior student,” Udoh said.
” Honestly, we have to write our parents and tell them what is happening or they will not understand if we go home for more money and provisions”, Daniel said.
” It’s true,” Udoh agreed.
In the afternoon that day, the students were served jollof rice with fried meat and plantain.
At Daniel’s table the senior boys never waited for food to be served. they simply walked up to the junior boy serving and said roughly: “Old boy my grub” . The boy would put a large quantity of food in their plates. some of them would simply walk away after they were served. However, the greedy ones would knockthe boy on the; take the serving spoon from him, and take more rice, meat and plantain for themselves. In the end , a small quantity of rice, meat and plantain remained. One big jss33 student called Felix cautioned the student not to scrambled for the food but to allow everybody to get a share. in this way, Daniel was able to get some food even though it was small.
Udoh was not so lucky. Immediately after the prayer was said, one senior student called Frank Edeh alias “Acis” came to their table and demanded for his plate even though he did not come with any plate to the refractory.”Who took my plate?”, he hollered in a voice that sent shivers down the spine of the junior students. Apindorp silence descended on the terrified junior students.
“Okay, you’II see what I’II do,” Frank glowed. He then took the largest plate on the table and used it to dish a very large quantity of rice in his plate. He took six pieces of meat and ten pieces of plantain and left the table. Many senior students walked up and were served their food. When the food was half gone, the junior student decided to put food in all the plates on the table. Asth was doing so, one senior boy called Uche Nwankwo walked up to table. The serving boy gave him a small quantity of rice as the food has almost finished.

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