“I know that there will be a lot of pressure from peer group to do things that are bad,you have to make the choice of saying “no” to bad and unwholesome influence. my son, i will add that you do not forget God in whatever you do. pray always and commit your ways to God and he will grant you success. i will stop now as a word is enough for the wise”. Daniel thanked his parents and promised not to let them down but to follow the rules of good behavior which they had taught him. few days later Daniel’s father took him to Metropolitan Grammar school. there were other new students with their parents or guardians. Daniel”s father paid his school fees,made sure that he was assigned to a class and then got a kind-looking man called Mr Giwa to be his guardian. he then told Daniel to be a good boy and obey the school rules and regulations and left. Daniel felt lonely and lost. he cried a little and all his excitement¬† at entering the secondary school vanished like the morning mist before the sun. luckily for him, he soon saw Udoh equally looking forlorn and bewildered some kind boys in JSS2 helped them to carry their belongings to their hostel. Daniel and Udoh were posted to Dennis Osadebe house while uchenna was posted to Ken Saro-Wiwa house. as Daniel and Udoh carried their boxes to the dormitory, they got a rude shock. “who goes there” , a dry and harsh voice asked. ‘they are freshers, the uninitiated, “stated another voice that was equally rough and coarse. Daniel”s eyes focused on two mean and fierce-looking senior boys. they looked like¬† giant,” and Daniel and udoh felt like the Lilliputians described in Jonathan Swift”s Gulliver”s Travels as they stared at them. “Now drop those boxes and go and fetch water for us”, ordered the heftier of the two boys. his voice was like the dry bark of thunder,through a throat of iron. Daniel trembled and his legs quaked under him. but suddenly anger rose in him. “how dare these boys order us around? what kind of reception are they giving us? “he fumed. “excuse me, can”t you see that we are just settling in?” Daniel asked with all the dignity he could muster. Meanwhile, the JSS2 students accompanying them stood like statues .one of them was nudging Daniel to keep quiet but he ignored him. as a result of Daniel”s question, all hell broke loose. “you raw thing, you uncultured element, ignorant baboon and audacity and in fact, the effrontery to talk back at me?” the student bellowed as he shook his first and paced to and fro like a bull in a china shop. “S-e-n-i-o-r, please pardon them, they are freshers and don”t know the rules,”one of the JSS2 student said in a tiny and conciliatory voice. “Ehen, they are freshers and so? is that why they should lack respect?” the other senior boy asked.he was snatched from it. “Hello Temptation, what”s going on here?”one senior student who was passing by asked the first senior boy. the boy narrated everything to him Meanwhile, at the urging of the JSS2 students, Daniel decided to offer an apology. “senior,please pardon us, this is our first day here and we are just settling in,” Daniel said. “yes senior, please pardon them,”the JSS2 student chorused. “Temptation, pardon them, temper justice with mercy as they are freshers, ignorant of the rules here,”pleaded the senior student.”okay, i pardon them but they have to learn to abide by the rules here because if one goes to Rome one should behave as the Romans.” Daniel and Udoh heaved a sigh of relief as they were allowed to go.when Daniel was sure that they were out of earshot, he asked the older student why the senior student bully the junior ones. “the senior student rule the roost here, surprisingly the school authorities take their activities as normal part of school life,” one JSS2 student called Frank replied. “listen and listen carefully, in this school, the fear of the senior boys is the beginning of wisdom,” another JSS2 student called Wilson pointed out.

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