After they were dismissed by the headmaster, the friends lamented the fact that they were not all posted to the same school.

“It’s the will of God. I believe  God knows why He did not allow all of us to be posted to the same school. I believe He has a purpose for doing that,” Uchenna Said.

“Well, I accept my posting in good faith. In any case, I look forward to entering the Secondary school . I will study hard because I want to be a doctor,” Obah Said

“Doctor Obah,” the others hailed him.

“I will be a politician,” Udoh Said.

“I will be an engineer”,Uchenna said preening himself.

“I will be a lawyer,” Micheal said matter-of-factly. “Well, I’ll be a pharmacist,”Daniel said and they all laughed at their dreams.

Daniel reached home and gave his parents his Common Entrance result slip. His father went to Metropolitan  Grammar School and got the prospectus. He railed round and the bought a box, locker, a desk and chair, uniforms, sandals, books e.t.c, for Daniel who felt so happy. His mother told him to put on his school uniform and see if it fitted properly. Daniel put on his uniform and started to walk proudly and importantly imitating the secondary school students he used to see. Few days to the day Daniel was to enter the school as a boarder,his parents gave him some useful advice and suggestions.

“My Son,” Daniel’s father began as he cleared his throat. “In a few days’ time you will be leaving for the boarding house in your new school. I want you to know why you are going there.

“Without mincing words, you will be there to face your studies seriously in order to come out with a nice result. Your mother and I are ready to make the necessary sacrifices and train you up to the university.”

You have seen the type of life we are living. We work very hard but with little pay because we did not see the four walls of a university. I will not like any of my children to end up like me. Make good use of your time; be diligent in your studies knowing fully well that there is no formula for  success  in life expect hard work or diligence. If you study the lives of notable people  and those that achieved success in life, you will notice one thing;they all worked hard. The days of manna falling from heaven have gone and there is no magic that will grant you instant success in life expect in story books or films. What will make you become somebody in life is hard work. Apart from academic work, I’ll like you to continue with the good moral behavior we taught you. Good morals will make you remember that you are an ambassador of the family to the school. You are our pride and you must not let us down. Don’t do anything that will bring shame to us; instead try to make our proud.


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