“It’s only fools that sweat and swot for success but smart and clever guys like us have found and easier road to success,” Tony said. By the time he told Daniel how they would make it, Daniel relaxed. Meanwhile, their principal, Mr Okonkwo, instructed the Guidance and Counselling Department to talk to the student on the dangers of examination malpractice. All the student were to attend the lecture but the major emphasis was on the SSS3 student who would be talking their SSCE. “Good day, students! Today we will be talking about the deadly menace of examination malpractice which has eaten deep like a canker worm into the fabric of the Nigerian society,” Mr Adigwe, the head of Guidance and Counselling Department, began. “First of all, what is examination malpractice? It is any undesirable action, activity or behavior during tests or examinations which ultimately give a false knowledge, skills and competence. It undoubtedly following forms and rules:
1. Copying from another person’s work
2. Leakage-having foreknowledge of question papers or examination materials before the actual examination starts.
3. Coming into the examination hall with textbooks, notes and other unauthorized materials and copying from them.
4. Tearing off or removing parts of question papers for solving by another person. In addition, receiving solved answer from accomplices and copying them.
5. Impersonation which means writing tests assignment and examination for others.
6. Dictating answer to other students.
7. Touting and throwing in examination related materials into the hall.
8. Giving bribes to teachers to award marks which one didn’t merit.
Examination malpractice has a lot of deadly consequences which include:
1. It encourages laziness and lack of aim and focus in life.
2. It brings about lack of self esteem and self confidence.
3. It leads to lack of attention during class lessons and truancy.
4. It leads to aborted goal, life ambition or self actualization.
5. It devalues school certificates and also leads falling standard of education.
6. It can lead to expulsion from school.
7. It leads to waste of funds or resources.
8. It fosters indiscipline, formation of cults and rioting in the school.
9. In extreme cases it may lead to imprisonment and death.
10. It enthrones mediocrity and dethrones excellence.
These are not the only consequences of examination malpractice but they are basic ones. Please avoid examination malpractice because it is a big bad sin before God and man. You can avoid it by doing the following:
1. Be fully convinced that examination malpractice is a sin against God and society.
2. Set a goal in life. Don’t live an aimless life without focus.
3. Enter the school with the determination to excel.
4. Attend classes regularly and pay attention during lessons. If you do not understand anything ask the teachers or those who knows better than you.
5. Participate actively in class activities, tests, assignment etc.
6. Make diligence your watchword. From a personal study timetable and study seriously.
7. Join a study and discussion group.
8. Do not have the impression that without examination malpractice otherwise called ‘expo’ you cannot pass an examination.
9. Develop confidence and trust in God. Always pray to Him to help you.
My dear students, if you do all these things, I see you being successful in life. Don’t end up a half-baked graduate who cannot defend his certificate. As you obey all these instructions, I see doctors, engineers, bankers, industrial chemists, in fact,successful high-flying achievers coming out of you.” There was a thunderous applause for Mr Adigwe as he went back to his seat. Despite all the warnings against engaging in examination malpractice, Tony and his friends including Daniel still went ahead to bribe some uncles to award them false marks. These were the teachers who had been helping Tony and his group to scale through.

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