To cover up his embarrassment, he jammed his clammy hands in his pockets. There, he could clench ad clench them without anybody noticing that he was nervous. Stephanie, however, put him at ease with her dazzling smiles and pleasant manner. “Dan, please meet Sylvia, Tony’s friend”. Stephanie introduced Tony’s girlfriend. “Pleased to meet you”, Daniel said extending his hand for a handshake. “It’s my pleasure, too!” Sylvia murmur in a pleasant and well modulated voice. “Hi guy, the handshake is extending to a hug,” Tony said in a mocking yet threatening voice. “Hi jealous already?” Stephanie teased him and they all laughed hilariously. The ice was broken and Daniel felt at ease. In no distant time, Tony ordered for bottles of malt and fried meat. As they were eating and drinking, Tony act fully withdrew with Sylvia to another side of the shop in order to give Daniel and Stephanie chance to get acquainted with each other. Stephanie was not only beautiful but had the gift of making even the most taciturn person come out of his or her shell. Her bright, cheerful and effervescent character always made people happy to be around her. People said that she could charm birds off the trees. In less than five minutes, Daniel was spellbound by her charm. First of all, nature gave her more than her fair share of beauty. She was so effortlessly beautiful that she made other bountiful girls pale into insignificance. Her second major attraction was her manner and character. The only flaw Stephanie had was that she was not a serious-minded person. She had no aim or focus in life. Before long, Stephanie was regaling Daniel with funny stories about people and events in their school. Daniel was enjoying himself so much that he did not know when the time flew. At last, it was Stephanie who looked at her gold wristwatch and sighed. It was nearly four o’clock in the evening. “How time flies! It’s already four o’clock! How I wish we could stay forever without parting”, Stephanie said and her musical voice was tinged with heavy regret “One character in one of William Shakespeare’s books said that if music be the food of love let it play on. My dear, if this is love let it go on forever,” Daniel said. “Daniel, I love you with all my heart”, Stephanie said in a voice that was soft an sightly above a whisper. “I love you too,” Daniel said. Before he could stop himself he hugged Stephanie and kissed her. “Let me sing a song for you,” Stephanie said after some time. “Go ahead!” Daniel agreed. Stephanie sang in a very sweet voice:
I was walking in the garden
I was walking in the garden
I was walking in the garden
Looking for my love
But I did not see him
I searched the school
I didn’t find him
But here is my love
“Time up”, said Tony with laughter. Daniel who was excited as a child at his first pantomime later reluctantly bade farewell to Stephanie and they parted. As weeks progressed into months, Daniel kept avoiding his erstwhile friends. He had a thousand and one seemingly cogent reasons why could not associate with them like before. Tony knew many places where they could go and watch films or football matches and they frequented those places. Sometimes, they visited cyber cafes to browse. Very soon, their promotional examination was around the corner and Daniel had not read his notes or textbooks. He became worried about it but Tony told him to relax because he had a formula that would give them a shortcut to success

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