“H m m m, I can say that you are a very lucky guy. Most boys are falling over themselves to get acquainted with her but she has eyes only for you,”‘ Tony said with superior air of one letting out a mighty cat out of the bag. “What do you mean?” Daniel asked incredulously. “I mean that the most beautiful and exquisite girl in our sister school whom most boys are dying for has fallen in love with you. I mean that the gorgeous piece of femininity, a queen who can compete favorably with Monalisa, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra and….” “Enough of this your balderdash, Tony! I know that you are trying to pull my legs but I’m not in the mood for jokes”. “Jokes! Who’s joking? I’m dead serious. You’ve caught the fancy of the most comely and dainty damsel in this town; and, in fact, the whole state and country”. “Tony, enough of your flowery language. please, I’ll be glad to be left alone.” “You are the luckiest guy around. she’s a girl most boys would give everything to have”, Tony said in a conspiratorial whisper as two other student entered the classroom to do their evening studies. “Ever since you performed wonderfully well at the concluded Inter-House sports, Stephanie has been asking me about you.” “I don’t believe you, Tony. If I find out that you are playing one of your mischievous pranks I’ll……” “How about this to convince you?” Tony said, handing over an envelope to Daniel. As Daniel took it, the whiff of a fragrant feminine perfume assailed his nostrils. He tore the envelope under Tony’s watchful eyes to see a letter addressed to him. The letter read:
Dear Daniel,
How are you? I hope you are fine. I’ve been having sleepless nights thinking about you. I have decided not to die in silence but to let you know my feelings. I love you and pray you find a place in your heart to love me. I am stopping so far until I hear from you.

Lots of love,
Daniel dropped the letter as if it was a deadly viper. “Please, Tony go away!” Daniel said with a horrified look on his face. Tony who knew better than to press his luck further tactfully withdrew and left Daniel alone. Later, Udoh, Uchenna and Wilson joined Daniel in the classroom. Daniel did not waste time to tell them about Tony’s visit. Daniel, listen carefully to me. I hope you’ve got your head rightly screwed on your shoulders. Don’t allow yourself to be deceived and led astray. You have a bright future ahead of you but if you follow that bad boy, you will not have time to study diligent again. Have the courage to say no to bad and unwholesome influence,” Udoh said when Daniel finished narrating his encounter with Tony.

“Daniel, Udoh is correct. please, avoid destroying your destiny by following those who have no aim or focus in life. Remember your dream of becoming somebody in life and do not allow yourself to be distracted by anybody,” Wilson said. “Daniel, please don’t fall into ditch with your two eyes wide open. Everybody in this school knows that Tony is a bad egg. He is notorious and you should not join in his nefarious activities. The ugly fate of Kaine Okudo who started well and ended up badly is still fresh in our memories,” Uchenna said. Kaine Okudo was a student who graduated from Metropolitan Grammar school two years ago.

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