“My children, I have heard so much about you room your teachers and I want to encourage you all keep it up so that you will be successful in life. My dears, I want the best for you all; and, that is why I want to encourage you to lay the right foundation because as you make your bed so will you lie on it. Again, you will reap in later years what you are sowing now. Besides, remember the adage that says that;” It is the firewood one fetched during the dry season that one would use during the rainy season”. In effect what am I saying? You are the director of your destiny, the architect of your own fortune or misfortune. You better start now to make the right choices in life which will lead to success in future. Many of today’s Medical Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants, and in Fact, Successful people in life were once student just as you are now. What distinguished them from the crowd is hard work. They took their studies serious; they struggled because the world is not a bed of roses. In real life, there are no fairies that give people pots of gold as in story books. In order to achieve your dream, you must work very hard. Another thing that can help you achieve your dream or goal in life is having good friends and mentors. Avoid bad friends who are capable of leading you astray and scattering your plans for a bright future. Finally, make hay while the sun shines as time and tide wait for no man. Today is not too late but tomorrow may be too late. Wake up from your slumber and pursue your dreams. Understood?” “Yes Ma” Daniel and his friends chorused.

They then thanked the Guidance Counselor for her care and concern and left thoughtfully. “Honestly, nothing will come between me and my desire to be a medical doctor”, Udoh said immediately they came outside. “As for me, I will not allow anything to distract me from being a banker”, Wilson said. “Friends, our motto from now onward will be ‘Good, Better, Best’, we will never rest until our good is better and our better best,”Uchenna said. “That’s good! I support you. I remember a song our headmaster told us to always sing while we were preparing for our Common Entrance Examination. It goes like this”, Wilson said and started to sing.
on my honor 
on my honor
As a student
I will do my best.
“Yes ohh! We will do our best and leave the rest to God”, Udoh said. There and then the four friends determined to study hard to achieve their dreams. Their hard work paid off, for they never took any position beyond the sixth. Soon, they were usually sent to represent their school in junior Secondary school Quiz, Debate etc. One day, there was a quiz competition for all the junior secondary school student in Anambra State. Metropolitan Grammar school had not reached quarter finals before but Daniel and his group defeated all the schools that competed with them and reached the semi-finals. The principal and the teachers were highly impressed. They felt that even if the school came second that they had tried. However, to their greatest surprise they defeated longstanding winner, Special Science School,Onitsha. The whole school was agog with the news of this success when Daniel achieve another feat that made the name of his school to ring bell in the state. One morning, he had seen an Essay Competition on the notice board that required JSS1-3 student write an essay on “What I will do if i were the President of Nigeria” Sponsored by Noma Noodles, makers of noodles and Marconi which student liked a lot. Daniel wrote the essay in his fine hand writing, Hundred Thousand Naira. There was a prize-giving ceremony, which was highly reported by the media Mr Okonkwo and Daniel’s parents beamed proudly as Daniel came out to receive the prize. The following day, the principal did not waste time to announce the good news to the students. “Please,three loud and happy cheers for this wonderful boy who did our school proud by winning an essay competition and publicizing the name of our school. He has done us proud”. “Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurrah a ay!” the student shouted three times and gave Daniel who was called out to the platform a loud and thunderous applause.
“Hi! Daniel,you are studying seriously so early the term, why not relax for some time? The examination are many months ahead”. Tony Obazele said. “Look Tony, don’t disturb me, I have to revise all that we were taught so that they will be fresh in my memory”, Daniel replied without looking up from book he was reading. “Booker T. Washington, please don’t be the dancing antelope that danced itself lame before the actual dance began,” Tony said with a sneer and in a tone that suggested that Daniel must be a dull bookworm. “So, Tony, all the well meaning pieces of advice from our principal, teachers, and maybe, your parents to you to work very hard in order to succeed in life fell on your deaf ears. If you don’t…….” ”

Ha! Daniel, you take life very serious. You know that serious people should be in hospital. Daniel you have to unwind and enjoy your life”. “You ought to have fun. You only live once and you have to try to get as much happiness as it is possible to get on this planet earth. You are passing through the school and you have to let the school pass through you”, Tony cut in. “Tony, have you finished? I want to finish this chapter in Biology before i go over to another subject”, Daniel said in a stern voice. “Well, you may feel that I am disturbing you but I am after your welfare as man is a social being and has to socialize in order to be truly happy. Life is not all about doing hard, grinding work and swotting until one becomes cross-eyed”, Tony said in a conciliatory voice calculated to get Daniel. Daniel was still looking at his text-book. He had a stubborn set to his jaw. Obviously, the “gospel” according to St Tony did not go down well with him. “Well e-e-e-m”, Tony began as he gave an embrrassed cough. “I did not come to distract you but the reason why I came is that I have some good news for you.” “Which good news?” Daniel asked with his eyes still on the book he was reading. “I think you know my cousin, Stephaine?” Tony asked in a voice filled with suppressed excitement. “Yes. what about her?” Daniel asked coldly.

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