Most junior student who lacked the boldness and courage to come out stared mouth agape as they admired his courage and confidence. “D M G S “answered Ifeanyi Nze. “No”. “Government college, Afikpo” Onyeka Ogbuchi said. “No” “King’s College”, Chuka Agbasi answered. “No, the answer is CMS Grammar School, Lagos, “Udoh replied and was given a big round of applause. “When was the Central Bank of Nigeria established?” Nnamdi Nwosu asked. “1960”, Sylvester Nwankwo answered. “No”. “1972”, Ben Okonta answered. “No, the date is 1958″. ” When was the federal Capital moved from Lagos to Abuja?” Uchenna asked. The students admired him. It ws obvious that Udoh and his friends were set to daze he students. “1990”, Uche Ifezue answered. “No” “1995”, Emeka Enwezor said. “No, the answer is 1991” Uchenna said. The students clapped for him. “When did Nigeria change from left to right hand drive?” asked Patrick Onweluzor.
The student racked their brains for the answer. “1973”, Patrick said when the silence became prolonged. ” The name Nigeria was given by who?” asked Chinedu Okaro. “Lady Lord Lugard,” answered Emma Aforka. “Yes, you’re correct,” said Chinedu and the student clapped for him. “Who was the first senate President in Nigeria?” asked Prosper Nwakor. “Dr Nwafor Orizu,” answered Kelechi Obi. “You’re correct,” said Prosper. “Which state in Nigeria is called the “Food basket of the nation?” Joseph Okoli asked. “Benue state,” answered Ikechukwu Kalu. “Yes, that’s correct,” confirmed Jospeh. “At this stage we come to ter end of this segment of our gathering. The next item on our agenda is singing and dancing competition”, the social Prefect announced. Some student came out and rendered melodious songs. Some sang original songs while some sang copyright songs of popular musicians like Lucky Dube, Baba Fryo, Tony Tetulia, P Square etc. Later, Chinedu Jones, an SSS1 student, was adjudged the best singer. “Sir Johnson, Sir Johnson” the student hailed him as he gave a bow to the audience. During the dancing competition, some students displayed the latest dancing steps. Lucky Agba was chosen as the best dancer. The music set was on and the student filled the dancing floor and danced to their heart’s content. Daniel, Udoh and Uchenna did not allow themselves to be carried away the social life in the school.
They remembered their parents’ advice and decided to shun all forms of laziness and idleness. They faced their studies seriously. While lessons were going on, they listened attentively. If they did not understand anything they would ask the teacher to explain. They burnt the midnight oil and read far and wide. They also formed a discussion group which read together and discussed the topics they were taught. One boy called Wilson Okeke joined them. They performed very well in their examinations. Udoh came first, Daniel came second while Uchenna and Wilson came fourth and sixth respectively.
“Good morning, student! You are welcome back from the holidays to a new session of academic work. I want to point out the fact that most of you performed this new session and face your studies squarely and seriously”, Mr Okonkwo said with a serious and stern look on his face. There was pin drop silence and none of the murmurings,mischievous coughing and laughing that the student normally indulged in. “The secondary school is the crucial stage for any student who wants to become somebody in life. Your destiny is in your hands. Whatever happens to you in life is your handwork because as you make your bed so will you lie on it. Don’t destroy your tomorrow today through laziness. Only fools idle away their time.
There is no idleness without failure and a host of other troubles. Shun laziness and idleness like the plague. Make up your mind never to be a citizen of failure.Remember that hard work brings success and prosperity. So, get busy. You have a good chance to become what you want to be. You are the architect of your fortune and the master of your fate. Do you want to be a failure or a winner? The choice is yours. A word is enough for the wise, he was has ear let him hear.” The principal concluded.
He called the teachers to give more useful advice to the students. Only Mr Nwokedi stepped out. “My children”, Mr Nwokedi began as he cleared his throat. “Please bend down and take your studies seriously. Make diligence your watchword. There is no formula for success in this world that does not include hard work. Here are a few tips that will help you o pass your examinations:
1. Prepare a study timetable. Follow it and study well every day.
2. Determine to pass with very good grades in your examination.
3. Make friends with those who knows better than you.
4.Organize a study group, read together and solve problems together.
5. Believe in yourself, don’t try to copy anybody. Never involve yourself in any examination malpractice.
6. Take difficult problems to those who know better than you or teachers to solve.
7. Always pray to God for direction.

My children, if you follow these steps, success will surely br yours; thank you “. A loud and prolonged applause followed Mr Nwokedi’s submission because the students liked him as he cared for them like a father. When they reached the staff room, the teachers started discussing the students’ nonchalant attiude to their studies and their poor performance in their last examinations. “Honestly, it pains me that most student waste their parents’ hard earned money by not being serious with their studies,” Mr Nwokedi said. “It’s true they prefer to while away the time chatting about trivial issues, watching films, football or pornographic materials,” said Mrs Ezinne Ogbonnaya. “H m m m, the dog said that those who have buttocks do not know how to sit. In our own days, things were hard. We were not given huge sums as pocket money. Besides, our parents could not afford to buy the required textbooks for us but we still made it,” said Mr Jude Edoga.

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