“who is at door?” he asked
“it’s Udoh,your friend ,’ Udoh replied. Daniel open the door, his face beaming with smiles. “how are you, Udoh?” he asked shaking Udoh’s hand.
I’m fine and u?” Udoh asked
‘I’m fine too”,Daniel replied
“Daniel,have u heard about our Common Entrance Examination Results?” Udoh asked after they had exchanged pleasantries and engaged in desultory talks.
No,but i hope before the end of this week it will be out”, Daniel said . “I hope so. I want them to post me to a good government school”,Udoh said wistfully.Ever since Daniel ,Udoh and their friends entered the senior primary school, they had been dreaming of entering the secondary school.As they watched secondary school student around them wearing neat uniforms and carrying attractive and heavy books, they became more than eager to enter the secondary school. Moreover, the exiting stories they had heard about life in the secondary school made them wish that the hands of the clock would go faster than normal , thereby enabling their dream of being secondary school student become a reality. “I also wish to be posted to a good school but are you sure we will pass?”Daniel asked. “I know we will pass ,I do not believe in failure , i know that with God all things are possible. Well,I”ll be on my may now”, Udoh said as he got up. “so soon? What can i offer you?” “Nothing”. “Why?” “I”m okay.” “sure?” “yes” “okay,let me escort you,”Daniel said. he locked the door of his house and saw udoh off. They had only gone a few poles when they saw Michael, one of their friends, coming towards them. “Hi,Micheal”,Udoh said. “Hello, Micheal why are you smiling like somebody that won lottery?” Daniel him. “I have good news”, Micheal said,showing his thirty-two teeth and rubbing his palms together with an air of satisfaction. indeed, he looked happy contented as the cat that got the cream. “test u8s the news,we”re all ears”, udoh said. “well,e e em, my younger si9ster came back from school yesterday and told me that the headmaster announced that our common Entrance Examination result is out. He said that our set performed wonderfully well and we should come on monday to collect our result slips’

“Hurrah! that’s good news!” Daniel screamed excitedly. Udoh was beaming with joy. They did not know when they embraced one another laughing joyfully. One Monday the three friends went to Little Stars Nursery and Primary School, Obosi. Their, they met other friends of theirs called Uchenna and Obah. AS they were chatting, more pupils arrived. Some came with their parents. Later the headmaster gave them their result slips which showed their scores and the name of different schools where they were posted
Udoh, Uchenna and Daniel were posted to Metropolitan Grammar School, Obosi. Micheal was posted to Ogbunike boy’s High School While Obah was posted to st.Charles Science School, Onitsha

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