Stallion Begins food distribution to COVID-19 hospitals

Stallion Group has commenced distribution of locally-produced rice and fish to all government-run hospitals dedicated to COVID-19 treatment.

The group has released buses for the government-run COVID-19 hospitals in Lagos.

In a statement, Stallion Group said the gesture would run for three months.

Its Chief Executive Officer Anant Badjatya added that the firm will provide drivers and fuel for the buses.

According to Arpita Roy Luthra, Stallion Group General Manager, Marketing, the rice and the buses have been delivered to COVID-19 hospitals in Lagos.

The delivery, she said, was seamless due to lockdown that ensured the roads were free of traffic gridlock.

She praised the “selfless Stallion Group Team” for working in the frontline and risked their lives to ensure that aid reaches where they were mostly needed.

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Seventy-seven hospitals, she said, were already registered for the programme.

“The group, apart from pledging free rice and fish for three months to all COVID-19 Hospitals, has deployed staff buses to ferry health workers to hospitals dedicated to COVID–19 treatments in Lagos. Frontline health workers will have a dedicated pick up and drop services during the Federal Government’s directives on enhanced community quarantine,” she said.

According to her, the buses will be attached to the COVID-19 dedicated hospitals for the next three months to ensure safer and comfortable transportation of the healthcare providers.

“The free staff bus service along with a driver and fuelling is implemented in collaboration with the Lagos State government,” she said.

Chairman of Stallion Group Mr. Sunil Vaswani, said: “These are exceptionally difficult times and urgent emergency resources have to be deployed to cope with the needs of affected states and support their health care systems. At Stallion group, our top priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers and our community.

“As the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, kindness seems to be the only bright spot that many corporates have pledged in these dark times. We salute the heart-warming stories of altruism that are surfacing across the country every day, feeding us with hope and strength.”

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