Don Jazzy And Other Nigerians react to video of Nigerian lecturer allegedly demanding sex from admission seeker

A cross-section of Nigerians has reacted to the viral video of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) lecturer who was allegedly caught on camera demanding sex from an admission “seeker”.

We Noticed reports that the lecturer, Boniface Igbeneghu, is a former sub-dean of Faculty of Art and head, pastor of local Foursquare Gospel Church.

His advances were captured in a 13 minutes video by BBC Africa by an undercover journalist, Kiki Mordi, who disguised as a 17-year-old admission seeker.

Igbeneghu disclosed that there is a place lecturers take female students to have fun – UNILAG Staff Club. “They call the place cold room,” he said.

The video has since stirred reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Most Nigerians have called for the sack of the lecturer and have asked for more investigations to be carried out in other federal universities in Nigeria.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Donjazzy “About time, BBC thanks for doing this. SexForGrades.”

@Ogbenidipo “Great job BBC Africa and everyone involved. Students should never be sexually harassed or intimidated by folks in power, Lecturers and Academics. Now, we need the regulators like NUC and others to enforce institutional changes.“

@Austinyugo “Dr Boniface Igbeneghu. Former Sub Dean, Faculty of Arts, Unilag, Foursquare Pastor, Serial abuser.

“UNILAG and NUC must use this guy as an example to stop other lecturers from harassing women.Sack him.”

@AkinbodeTa “Obafemi Awolowo University, Department of English are known for #SexForGrades. I just don’t want to mention names but I can give you evidences of at least 12 English lecturers who still do this nonsense to students. Students can’t speak up because they fear they would never pass.”

@Akinalabi “Any lecturer exposed in the SexForGrades documentary should be sacked, arrested and jailed.”

@Zaddy_nomso “To those who are quick to defend Pastors even when the truth is Glaring, Dr Boniface was a Senior Pastor boasting of Harrasing 17 year old girls. The nigga even prayed for the girl to give her life to Christ before kicking off his evil. ”

@efzia “I didn’t even know I was crying until the video ended. This was my reality for 4 years with over 10 different lecturers. Thank you BBC for doing work to make sure the cycle stops with us.”

@Atomified “If you took advantage of your students during NYSC, kindly note that you and Dr Boniface are fruits of a tree. Kindly sit tight while God serves you your appropriate punishment.”

@Ajimegor “We have stories to tell, I had my experience while in school too (not unilag). This act is found in all universities and even at our various workplaces. I hope and pray that we all can rise and do the right things to take out these bad omens from our society.
I had no one to tell.”

@Thecybernewt “If you visit OAU’s English Department, fish boku wey you go fry for there.”

@Niniolaaz “I hope you did the investigation in the university of Ilorin also, please don’t limit the investigation to Unilag and University of Ghana alone o.”

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